2005 by eugenio tisselli

a web page that slowly becomes corrupted. each time the page is visited, one of its characters is either destroyed or replaced.

click here to visit the page.

this is a history of the page's corruption:

original page

day 1

day 2

day 4

day 6

day 8

day 13

day 21

day 24

day 36

day 44

**after just a few days, the degenerative page is literally fading away. it is totally unreadable, and things will just get worse. should digital euthanasia be applied in this case? please tell me what you think...

**apparently, after day 24, the web page reached a comatose -but stable- state. i will just leave the page on-line...

**finally, after almost 4 months of agony, the degenerative page has disappeared. sometimes, when it is visited, a single character can be seen... it is only a ghost.

***