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2017-06-15 0031641900404
ola -- this is philipp -- i am writing for DIRK --- from JODI--- he is wating for you at Rovira Bar give him a call: 0031641900404 cheerz --PPhihlipppppp______
2016-05-24 eugenio
¡una nueva casa!
2016-05-24 eugenio
a new home
2016-03-29 jdaiuenu
2016-01-16 Eugenio
PAC ya funciona. ¡Adelante!
2015-12-30 Angel
Muchas Gracias por contester, que todo salga bien!!!
2015-12-22 Eugenio
Hola Angel. Pronto intentaré solucionar el problema. Saludos.
2015-11-17 Angel
Hola. por que http://www.motorhueso.net/pac/ no trabaja mas. es algo momentaneo definitivo, gracias
2015-01-28 Eugenio
Hi George. You can write me an email at cubo23 [at] yahoo [dot] com and I will try to explain the ojoVoz code to you. It is really quite simple, although it certainly needs more comments. Cheers.
2015-01-28 George Nyoro
I'm looking at the ojovoz source and finding it a bit hard to understand. Wanted to redesign the ui and add a bit of functionality, but was figuring that I may in the end recreate a new project from scratch.
2014-11-25 Marcos Xalabarder
Hola! Te he encontrado por casualidad, a través del manifiesto Text Jockey. Me llamo Marcos y hace tiempo que andaba buscando formas de sacar la escritura de su 'caparazón' y jugar con ella en tiempo real. Lo más cerca que estoy de eso es organizando jams de escritura en vivo. Pero quiero saber más! Dime si puedo / como puedo contactar contigo. Me encanta lo que he visto.
2014-10-06 Sandy Baldwin
Eugenio: how are you? I am working with a phd student whose project is focused on creative and political/social uses of media in west africa. i know you're working on projects in tanzania. can I put him in in touch with you?
2013-01-02 eJOqWmIAqGSRc
Thanks for the note Leann, I'm glad you enjoyed the video! Regarding your quiseton, in the beginning I used to clean the homes myself. Though, I found that the experts cleaned them a bit better than me which was definitely needed with the types of clientele I was working with. Now, I do have a few cleaning crews that I work with on a regular basis. About the amount paid, it really depends on the job some jobs are tougher than others. For me, it's very important to work with folks who are really good at what they do, honest and charge a fair price. The rate you pay will differ from area to area and with each potential contractor. It's best to interview potential candidates comparing what each has to say and offer. Then, go from there. What has really paid off for me is the knowledge gained from these experts the education alone is priceless. Before doing anything, it's very important to know what types of clientele you're working with (or want to work with) and get to know what they're looking for. I do things a bit differently from others I know of some investors that put homes on the market as-is and don't do any fix-up work. Though, they work with a much different type of clientele than I do. Hope that helps, thanks for stopping by!