lost + remixed : aka media trash VI

video soundtrack by m.i.a. : "vicki leekx mixtape"

1. the final chapter of the lost tv series was downloaded from a spanish website whose legal status was then being debated by the local government. [link]

2. two key scenes were extracted from the chapter and exported as jpeg sequences: a) when jack's dead father tells jack that he's dead too, b) when they both enter the church, inside which jack's dead comrades are waiting.

3. the jpeg sequences were remixed algorithmically using midipoet [link]

video soundtrack by m.i.a. : "vicki leekx mixtape"

instructions for watching lost + remixed @ home:

- download midipoet [link] (requires windows. if you are missing msvbvm50.dll get it here)
- download lost + remixed, unzip all files to the same folder [link]
- play "room23.mip" using midipoet player


lost + remixed was inspired by the "brainwash video", projected by the dharma initiative to captive "hostiles" after torturing and interrogating them, with the purpose of inducing amnesia.

the texts in lost + remixed were selected from the cables published by wikileaks, which revealed the pressure put by the us government on spain to pass a law that would illegalize file-sharing websites.
[link] [link]

update: the wikileaks truck was seen parked beside the newscorp building near times square, nyc, during the occupy wall street protest on october 15th 2011.

photo by eugenio tisselli.

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