digital poetry.
text and non-text experiments with MIDIPoet.
1. download file. 2. run with MIDIPoet

true_love.mip (download) -- see with interpreter and composer!

found.mip (download)

lost.mip (download)

nunca_mais.mip (no more oil spills!) (download)

generative image, superposition of images of the smoking pipe of Francesc Garriga Barata, catalan poet (download)

where.mip (download)

cielotierra.mip (download)

castaway.mip (download)

from the series "9 microcontes" (in catalan):

cucs.mip (download)

nuvols (download)

rem (download)

tren (download) -- see also a work by martí sànchez inspired by this piece (video)

vaca (download)

2002-2005 Eugenio Tisselli