Text Jockey -- Manifesto.

1. To surf time, to navigate - to read the universe from the window of a moving train, to write in colors on thin air.

2. Do to literature what John Cage did to music: get out of the old house and head towards the forests of language. Cultivate and grow new texts whose language is the universe, its movement.

3. Move in flocks, belong to a different tribe each day: each day a new language. Make text spin with the rest of the universe. Don't settle or fixate, don't communicate, don't want to be the author of anything.

4. Dare to interpret "that-which-is-happening-to-us-now", re-habi(li)tate text. Neither the world nor life are books, they are texts in constant motion and transformation.

5. Apply to text all kinds of procedures, importing them from any discipline or indiscipline, go beyond OULIPO, materialize an interactive post-letrism. Sample, loop...

6. Transform every phenomenon into something legible (or illegible) through the appearance and disappearance of letters-words-phrases = raw materials. Use the ephemeral quality of projected pixels, use digital media to represent the universe today.

7. Recognize syntax as an accident -- a possibility among millions to understand and describe the universe. Break the syntax to be amazed again, after so many centuries...

8. Construct kinetic visual poetry machines. Make them react and interact.

9. Have mountains of text up the sleeve, make words and phrases appear and disappear as the result of the moment's interpretation. Surf space, leaving ephemeral graffitti over every surface. Don't stop.

10. Extend texture-text-tissue, cover and let meaning be everybody's task.

Barcelona 2002.